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1995–1997: We coordinated the creation and editing of approximately 6,500 original articles on European destinations for 3 editions of the Microsoft AutoRoute Express route-planning CD-Roms, in co-productions with Websters (1995) and the Dial House Partnership (1996/7).

2009–2011: With Genieseye we developed a set of training and promotional DVDs for the Peermentor group of Leonardo European mentoring projects: PIP (Peer Implementation Project), ImpleMentor [top right], NetMentoring and PEPE (Peer Education – Pan European).

2010–2012: Working with Genieseye, Weird Pretty Pictures and our Welding Techniques Leonardo partners in Turkey, Germany and Lithuania, we developed a multilingual CD-Rom [bottom right], which piloted new techniques for delivering basic welding training through the medium of video.

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