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1989–1994: We commissioned and edited the global American Express Travel Guides series (top right) for Mitchell Beazley and Simon & Schuster/ Prentice Hall Press.

1995–1997: We recruited, led and edited a pan-European team of travel writers for the Microsoft AutoRoute Express route-planning CD-Rom series.

1998–1999: We recruited and coordinated a global team of web researchers to develop the original MSN Search (now Bing) directories in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

2002–2005: For US-based, we recruited and led a team of web editors developing content for the Hilton Hotels, Scandic Hotels and Opodo websites.

Major Leonardo-funded multi-author research documents we edited included an e-guide to European education inspection systems (2012, bottom right) and a report on innovation practices in 11 European regions (2014).

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WBEE e-handbook - Education Inspection and Performance Systems in Europe